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Aplication Sizofrenicar

PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:25 pm
by Sizofrenicar
* Interested to join (make sure, you meet our requirements before ticking a box):
[ ... 500368817/ ] SRSLY: [your link to your noobmeter profile comes here...] - noobmeter hasn't been updated for ages... so here have this as well...
[ ] ORLY: [...or here]
[ ] YARLY: [...or here]

* English level (we expect you to make yourself understood in English, verbally and in writing):
[ ] Non parlo inglese. Non Anglorum. Ich spreche kein Englisch. 我不会说英语. Ja ne govorim engleski. أنا لا أتكلم الإنجليزية.
[ ] SIEMA!
[* ] Cheers!

* Gender: (rate your gender on a scale from 1 to 10: mark it with [ ])
--- [1](male) --- 2 --- 3 --- 4 --- 5 --- 6 --- 7 --- 8 --- 9 --- 10 (female) ---

* Name: (the real one, would just be nice to know) Nemanja Jovanović

* Age: (we need to know if you are still too young to control your bladder or already too old for that) 23

* Country: (we have a lot of prejudices, therefore we need to know where you are from) Serbia

* How many days a week you are playing WoT? How many hours a day? (we are committed to some serious™ tanking here, are you too?) 7 days/week, 3-4hrs/day

* Tier X tank(s): Is7, t110e5, t57, Jgpze100, obj.140, t62a, obj261,

* Noticeable tanks on other tiers: (all other tanks worth mentioning) IS3, T32, amx cdc, m53/55, t69, cromwell, rudy, rhm, t54,...

* Anyone known within Serious™ Community: Schepel

* Who in Serious™ Community recruited/contacted/seduced/tortured you: Schepel

* What clan(s) were you in before, if any: (share your WoT track-record with us) PILAD, NEXUS, JBG, TESLA

* Reason for leaving your clan: (this is the part where you can make feel the audience here very good) they were not active enough, had bad leadership in the end...

* Reasons for wanting to join the Serious™ Community: (whether SRSLY, ORLY or YARLY: similar to the previous question, but now in a direct way: make us some serious™ compliments) heard you were good and active, and hoping for a successful campaign...

If joining with friends, which friends you are joining with: (please post their names as links to their respective profiles) CrazyDuck, SembaBaa, Firstsmith

WoT field commanding experience: (if any) almost non existent...

Previous competitive gaming experience: (if any) non

What's the most important part of playing your named best tank: (be creative on a serious™ note) battle awareness, team-play, player psychology,

Are you a self-reflective rage-tanker?
[ ] I am always teamed up with the tomato-power fraction, but I cry in silence.
[ ] Sorry guys, at this question my ping went crazy... I have no idea what happened there.

True of false?
My shots are always fully aimed at the enemy tank's weak-spots while I use the location I am in to my advantage. If I die, my team sucked, not me.
[ ] True - [ * ] False
I would never insult a random puppie player.
[ ] True - [ * ] False
My E-peen is bigger than my real *****.
[ ] True - [ * ] False - [ ] hihi
I actually wanted to join another clan, I regard to be better than SRSLY/ORLY, but they did not take me.
[ ] True - [ * ] False - [ ] Q.Q
Sometimes I play seal-clubbing tanks, not to farm rating, but because I *cough cough* like these tanks. Really.
[ ] True - [ * ] False - [ ] Quickly checking my vehicle-stats... brb.
18.6. After doing this questionnaire I want to join SRSLY/ORLY even more than ever before!
[ ] True - [ ] False - [ * ] nah, same old, same old...


We take our World of Tanks activities serious™ enough, to regularly participate in the so called end-game content. Meaning: we expect our members to show up for Clan Wars and to register for tournaments if a Clan's team is competing. We play Tank Companies to train our team-play skills and participation in these is taken for granted. We have a healthy amount of clan internal competitions and it would be nice if you pitch in with your ideas. Our forums are to be frequently visited and at least read for obvious reasons. When you are online in World of Tanks, we expect you to be online on TeamSpeak as well and preferably platoon with your clan-mates. For the communication we follow four simple principles: sanity, reason, common sense - and sometimes trolling and teasing each other in a friendly way. This also implies, that we expect our members to be aware, that you always represent this community when rolling in pubs, thus: be the better person and vent your rage and/or frustration in a silent, private way - not in public.

[ * ] I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.
[ ] I haven't read the Terms and Conditions, because I really want to be with you guys and my impatience is driving me nuts.
[ ] I have read, but not understood the Terms and Conditions, because my brains had a lag-spike.[/quote]

Thank you for reading my application and considering me to join the Serious™ Tanking Community.


Re: Aplication Sizofrenicar

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:34 pm
by ZdoQ
Accepted, Welcome to the clan dude!



Re: Aplication Sizofrenicar

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:45 pm
by La_Daga
Welcome Sizofrwenicar who i will call schizo from now on.